second life building, projects

Dobre Vanbrugh (NL)
CEO/Executive producer
RL: Raymond van der Kaaij

Dobre Vanbrugh has many years of experience as an entrepreneur and executive producer for visual content, (including commercials and online advertising). He focuses on emerging channels, interactive and online advertising, although now and then he still enjoys producing an author- driven feature film for art houses. Dobre has always been involved in all aspects of the creative process, working with advertising agencies and media companies, as well as creative teams. He has been flying around in Second Life for quite a while and has a broad network in both Second Life, as well as in real life.


Damien Simons (NL)
marketing manager

 Damien is a serial entrepreneur in the internet industry with a passion for new media. For many years he has been involved in the creation and management of many corporate and consumer websites as a CEO/owner of his own internetagency. Apart from the involvement in the creation of new media initiatives, Damien also has great experience in online marketing to get targeted traffic to your projects. After selling his internetagency, he has entered Second Life and has been around for quite some time enjoying the incredible possiblities of the metaverse.


Damanios Thetan (NL)
Builder, inventor, designer

Damanios is a long time resident of Second Life and has gathered vast experience in designing, scripting and building. Damanios’ building and designing skills range from flying robots that welcome visitors to his sim, to weather machines that can create rain, wind or snow. He likes to create inspiring and innovative places where one can play and relax.


aEoLuS Waves (NL)
Building, scripting and texturing

aEoLuS Waves is an artist, creative thinker and SL Bussiness
entrepreneur with knowledge of scripting, building and texturing in
Second Life and in real life. He designs computers,
remote- controlled boats, puppets and many other items. Also he
participated in diverse Second Life projects.


Angel Horsefly
Builder, designer

Angel Horsefly has a passion for desinging and structures. In SL she has build several clubs and decorated various interiors. Next to this she has designed several sims which she is also maintaining.
She got involved into SL as a 3D artist, and sells her work in a small gallery. In RL she just went back to study to get her degree in Creative Media.

angel horsefly

Eloise Pasteur (UK)
Educational consultant, designer and builder

Eloise Pasteur has been involved in many Second Life projects, as a builder and designer, as well as for scripting. She is a very skilled SL professional with an educational background in RL. Within Magic Forest, Eloise mainly acts as an educational consultant, giving creative and in-depth advice about working with learners of all ages. The bulk of her RL educational experience is with people with learning difficulties and disabilities, making her one of the strongest proponents of making SL accessible by all learners.