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Magic Forest offers creative and commercial solutions for virtual worlds. Acting as an advertising agency and production platform, Magic Forest focuses on creativity, commerce, interaction, community and communication.

Online three-dimensional worlds and virtual reality have moved away from science fiction, towards a completely new platform for content, socializing, information and creation. These are whole new worlds in which you can do more than in your wildest real-life dreams. These virtual worlds are becoming central to the world of advertising, brand-building and entertainment. Moreover, these worlds offer what the new consumer is looking for: their own playground, their own comfort zone, their own universe.

Magic Forest understands the opportunities offered by these virtual worlds. We seek to help organizations find ways to use these worlds, in order to realize their marketing, educational and business goals, and more importantly, how to add something relevant to virtual worlds by providing inhabitants with experiences they actually enjoy and could even co-create. div

Magic Forest has a strong [real-world] background in [cross-]media production, advertising and educational media. The company is headquartered in the Netherlands, -but works with an international team of designers, animators, developers and producers and with partners across the globe in order to offer complete solutions.

If you are intrigued, fascinated or just curious about how you can use virtual worlds for your creative plans, drop us a line, and we'll give you info, or even a cool tour.